Smoking Alternatives - Which is Effective?

by Terrence Malgamoz

Since the growing concern over the dangers of smoking, there has been concerted efforts to develop smoking alternatives to help people who smoke escape the trap of their habit.

Almost is each decade a plethora of alternatives to smoking is introduced on to the market most of the them to capitalise on the growing yet desparate need for many people to end smoking.

Quitting smoking is hard hence the need to find quit smoking aids to help smokers succeed. Most alternatives to smoking available today are nicotine replacement oriented. This is a given since the center of tobacco addiction is in nicotine.

It therefore follows that the best smoking alternative is one that fools the brain best in thinking one is still smoking. It also must be able to deal decisively with the often severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Millions of people suffer smoking relapsesimply because they fail to withstand nicotine withdrawal symptoms that occur within hours of quitting smoking. An effective smoking alternative ought to also bring reasonable comfort to a quitting smoker in that regard.

The most popular alternatives to smoking are nicotine replacement therapies. These mostly refer to nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gum and nicotine nasal sprays . These contain nicotine albeit in lower levels as compared to a cigarette .

Nicotine replacement therapies have all in all provided a remarkable viable alternative to cigarettes. They have helped countless people to stop smoking running into millions of them. However many others have also claimed poor results. These would even include addiction to nicotine gum and nasal sprays even for years.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are a relatively new-kid-on-the-block. Originating from China e cigarettes are finding a strong market in the United States. This electronic smoking review will reveal that most of these e cigarette products suffer from a lack of crucial endorsement from the FDA.

Nicotine water is yet another unapproved smoking alternative in the United States. It consists of bottled water mixed with a mesure of liquid nicotine making it a water solution. It has a strict drinking regime to avoid nicotine overdose which may lead to nicotine poisoning. This like other alternatives to smoking suffered criticism to do with easy access of the water to underage consumers.

An increasing number of people are mis-understanding smokeless tobacco like chewing tobacco for a healthy alternative to smoking. Chewing tobacco as shown in these dreadful chewing tobacco pictures is actually extremely harmful to users. It is by no means a healthy smoking alternative .

Herbal stopping smoking aids even though not strictly an alternative to smoking in the sense of containing lower levels replacement nicotine, have been gaining popular ground.

The popularity of herbal solutions to smoking have been in their ability to effectively deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. They also help to effectively restore overtime the biological system such as damaged lungs and nerves. For this noble reason herbal remedies have been applied extensively in lung cleansing after years of smoking.

Herbs to stop smoking have the ability to turn black rubbery lungs to healthy normal pink lungs.

Other drugs such as Chantix have been used to an extent as smoking alternatives even though they strictly help people quit smoking. Chantix side effects can be nasty and vary from person to person. Also the fact that Chantix contains other toxins as found in cigarettes also makes it less attractive to a significant number of users.

Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) mentioned above appear to be very effective so are the herbal remedies. Moreover in many countries specific NRTs are available over the counter without need for a doctor's prescription as is the case with Chantix. For now NRTs seem to be the best alternative to smoking on the market.

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