Electronic Smoking Review

by Joseph Stein

Electronic smoking is a relatively new phenomenon. It is a direct result of ongoing and rapid developments aganist smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are an attempted intellegent replacement of traditional smoking tobacco as a direct result of the dangers of smoking as well anti smoking laws many of which are making it difficult to smoke in public places.

The concept of electronic cigarette smoking seem to have emanated in China were the product itself is being mass produced especially targeting the US market.

An e-cigarette looks and feels like a cigarette. It's designed to fool a smoker's mind into thiking they are smoking a real cigarette.

The positive side of e-cigarettes is that they contain no harmful substances as found in real tobacco cigarettes. Even though electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, this is artificially made and does not lead to addiction.

Advocates of electronic smoking argue that it is not harmful smoking as the case is with smoking tobacco. Further e-cigarettes are gaining ground because they do not produce any second hand smoke nor put others in danger of third hand smoke.

Some individuals and manufacturers of this product claim that it helps smokers completely quit smoking by smartly dealing with the cravings of cigarettes. However, up to date e cigarettes have not been able to be classified as stop smoking products.

In the USA the Food and Drug Adminisration has clearly distanced itself from the product arguing that no efficacy tests have been carried out on electronic cigarettes. For this reason on American soil, electronic cigarette smoking can not be classified as medically beneficial. It is therefore illegal to make any health claims on electronic cigarettes

However a research done in New Zealand on a specific brand of the e cigarette showed that that particular e-cigarette was harmless to health. However the same can not be said for the rest of the brands and there are hundreds of them if not more on the market today.

Most e cigarettes come with a flavour to imitate the taste of smoking tobacco. No one really knows the effects of these flavorants when ignited by the battery during electronic smoking.

All in all electronic cigarettes initially appear to be harmfuless. However, user deligence is extremely required as many product manufacturers have entered the market many of which are seeking to make a quick back.

As mentioned earlier. in the United States product efficacy is still highly questionable as not any tests have been done. Information supplied by manufacturers is often self praising and lacks and even avoids third party verification.

It is highly advisable to consider tried and tested quit smoking programs for those who wish to use electronic cigarettes smoking to quit smoking.

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