"Sure You Can Quit Smoking" Stop Smoking Tips & Dangers Of Smoking Explored

After you quit smoking, notes to a former smoker

After you quit smoking, notes to a former smoker

Covering symptoms and your lungs after you quit smoking

After You quit smoking, you have done well and a brand new journey begins in earnest. This journey will have its ups and downs but it is helpful yet important to keep your eyes on the ball. The quit-smoking-for-good ball.I will now address steps you must take after you quit smoking.

One more thing, depending on how long you have been smoking your lungs will most likely be black with a thick coating of tar. A good environment for lung cancer. Healthy lungs are pink. Your natural body repair mechanisms will restore your lungs over a long period of time. In terms of what happens after you quit smoking to your health, visit this after you quit smoking timeline.

You may help your lungs heal faster using natural lung cleansing methods.

First things first. After you stop smoking get rid of all cigarettes. Speak to them and tell them I will never want to see you again. Then toss them away. Further put away all things to do with smoking. These could be ashtrays and any other commercial products that you might have acquired at the height of your smoking to enhance your smoking experience.

Most people who quit smoking would have been attached to others who smoke one way or another. Perhaps by living in the same house or sharing the same hobby.

Now quit smoking for good by not buying, lighting or holding cigarettes for others. Ask them not to smoke in your presence or better still ask them to quit with you. There is no harm in putting a “NO SMOKING” sign on your doors. You are simply communicating the new you.

Considering changing your pastime activities helps get you out of a smoking related sphere where you would possibly meet with ongoing smokers. You could engage in walks or simply reading books and magazines. No smoking areas are good places to go and spend time i.e movies, museums, libraries and so on. On visiting movies just be careful that watching people smoke in movies won’t trigger your own urge to smoke.

What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

It is only, realistic to think that you will not be able to avoid smokers forever. Get yourself ready to go through some situations were it will be impossible to avoid smokers.

Most important thing; know in advance that strong urges might come and how you will handle it. You might excuse your self for a moment for the bathroom or outside. Cigarettes will be offered. Learn to turn them down. Repeat your turning down “mantra” to yourself in the mirror.

Nicotine cravings can be really strong. Don’t focus on them. Help yourself remember that what you feel is only but for a short while. It cannot be ,greater than what you are trying to achieve. Keeping yourself busy is one great away of taking your mind off any cigarette smoking cravings.

After you quit smoking make it your business to keep your hands occupied by playing with a pen or pencil or some soft ball that you can continually squeeze. Also adopt taking a deep breath and holding it for a few seconds and realizing it slowly until the urge is overcome.

Smoking withdrawal symptoms will try and dictate that you go back to your past. Keep telling yourself you are an ex-smoker and ex-smokers are ex-smokers. Yes they once smoke. But they don’t smoke anymore. They are non-smokers.

After you quit smoking its highly likely you were not involved in any exercise at all. Take this on as it will help you relax.

Alcoholic drinks and caffeinated beverages are not a good idea. They have a tendency to recall smoking urges. Instead consume a lot of fluids such as water and some juices. Chewing gum helps to kill the smoking urge without taking in food which might work in favor of your weight control. Depending on what product or method you are using to quit, some herbal medicines help control weight gain.

Quit smoking withdrawal symptoms are common. Some may be exacerbated by the type of quit smoking medicine one is using. Here are some commonly known side effects of quitting smoking.

Not everyone gets it right the first time. The key is in keeping trying until you overcome. You may also click here too read about smoking relapse.