2 weeks of abstinence

by Ashley
(Southampton, UK)

I quit smoking two weeks ago today, and I thought it would be the hardest thing I'd physically and mentally have to do. My fiancee is pregnant with our child, and I think this is one reason why I found it quite easy to quit, because I could never see myself and want myself to smoke or smell of smoke around our child.

I've smoked roll ups for the last 8 years and when I reached the end of my pouch, I thought this is it, this is going to be a better time than any to quit. Ever since that last one I never even had a craving for another one, even though the third and fourth days are apparently the hardest.

Make sure you have a very good reason to quit, other than the health benefits, or get it into your head you have a good reason and just don't think about smoking. If you feel you have a craving, think or do something else. It's easier than I thought, maybe it will be for you too.

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