"Sure You Can Quit Smoking" Stop Smoking Tips & Dangers Of Smoking Explored

Stop smoking tips…quick, easy and handy ideas.

Stop smoking tips…quick, easy and handy ideas.

Covering free stop smoking tips and how to stop smoking

Use this page to cherry pick some free quick and handy stop smoking tips. These smoking tips are found around the many pages on this site in different discussions of stop smoking advice. I have grouped them into specific categories for quick and easy access.

You may print out and use this stop smoking information as a handy how to stop smoking reference guide.

It is assumed here that you are familiar with the dangers of smoking, withdrawal symptoms, and stop smoking methods. These provide helpful background information to useful help to stop smoking.

Stop smoking tips – Before quitting

  • Set quit date: A month, two months or three months before pick on a specific quit date. This might be an anniversary a birth day or other such important date.
  • Prepare to quit for self: Too many people quit for others. This is a recipe for disaster if the others disappoint you. You suddenly find no reason to continue. Make sure the first and foremost reason you are quitting is for you.
  • Pick best way to quit: this can be with the help of medication or naturally. Your preferred medication might inform your quit date. This is because some medication must be taken in advance of actual quitting.
  • Find a quitting buddy: This is a very useful stop smoking tip. You will need support on your journey. Quitting with someone helps the burden. If you can’t find a buddy sign-up on the online forums there is great support there.
  • Write your reasons for quitting: you need to have your reasons clearly spelled-out for quitting. This is a good motivator.
  • Prepare to destroy smoking items: take inventory of all smoking related items like ashtrays and stocks of cigarette. These would need to be destroyed once you start.
  • Identify your new hobbies: prepare to break company with ongoing smokers. This will reduce trigger opportunities. Identify a gym, etc to keep you busy once you start.

Stop smoking tips – During the quitting phase

  • Get a quit meter: this will help you track your success by time and money saved including cigarettes not smoked. It’s a good motivator.
  • Observe your triggers: get to understand what triggers your urgue to smoke e.g just the sight of cigarettes, seeing someone light a cigarette etc. This will help you to be on guard.
  • Revisit your reasons: Once in a while revisit your reasons for quitting to reaffirm your decision.
  • Keep your buddy abreast: If on the forums visit frequently to update others on how you are doing. Be truthful. Open -up and share your weaknesses and temptations.
  • Be consistent with treatment: if on any medication or treatment be consistent to follow the timings. If need be keep your doctor abreast.
  • Withdrawal symptoms preparedness: depending on what medication you will be on e.g Chantix, certain withdrawal symptoms will appear, get ready and know them in advance if possible.
  • Weight gain control: some weight gain can occur. You may use herbal treatment to help with weight gain control. Also instead of eating food keep a food pack with assorted fruits.

Stop smoking tips – Should you relapse

It’s important to know first of all that relapses are normal and are regarded as part and parcel of the quitting process. Research shows relapses occur even up to eleven times in some quitting people.

  • Regain control: quickly regain control and know that all is not lost. You are still walking.
  • Revisit your reasons: revisit your quitting reasons to affirm your position and to help generate/restore will-power.
  • Let buddies know: You will be amazed by the overwhelming support.
  • Plan for your next relapse: should another relapse occur a good smoking tip says have a plan on how to deal with it by knowing what caused the first one.