E-cigarette...effectiveness and side effects

E-cigarette Review and Side Effects

E-cigarette or electronic cigarettes are a battery powered alternative to smoked tobacco products. Electric cigarettes as some would call them are a fairly new phenomenon that many smokers are now experimenting with for the sole purpose of quitting smoking and finding something less irritable to by-standers and harmful to own health and the environment than traditional tobacco smoke.

his site is a resource to your service about quitting smoking. Bearing that in mind I would like to point out two important things about e-cigarettes. Electric cigarettes are still having approval trouble in the United States due to fears of higher toxin levels. Secondly, the developers of the concept of electronic cigarette did not actually have a stop smoking product in mind. It's something that appear to have come along as a mere off-spin of the original objective.

Their main motivating factor was to create a product that would improve smoker experience by emitting no second hand smokeor toxins as found in traditional smoldering cigarettes. Their product idea was that of a greener, cheaper and cleaner product. They achieved that. Perhaps their achievement ought to be acknowledged to the extent that a ground swell of an estimated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts cast to the ground is reduced every year world wide. Most cigarette butts contain lead, cadmium, acetone, and other hazardous chemicals which easily leach when they come into contact with water.

Many smokers have reported great advantage in using the electric cigarettes to quit smoking. This is because the electronic device works by supplying you with smaller doses of nicotine enough to satisfy cravings. This happens more quickly than regular cigarettes.

In fact the electronic cigarette has been labeled "a way to quit smoking without actually quitting". Electric cigarettes uses the same principle applicable in stop smoking product aids whereby the aim is to help the body adjust to reduced doses of nicotine by slowly withdrawing it through smaller and smaller nicotine doses.

A point to note is that quick craving satisfaction delivered by the e-cigarette helps ensure that you might be less tempted to smoke throughout the day. In that way the e-cigarette is often compared to a nicotine patch or nicotine chewing gum as long as its use is gradually decreased as you progress towards your smoke free goal. This however, still need scientific endorsement.

Electronic cigarettes provide vaporized liquid nicotine solution which contains a flavor and physical sensation akin to that experienced in inhaled tobacco smoke. The devices are reusable with only the need for a refilling. World wide, mass production of these devices is occurring in China and the products are shipped across the world. The legal status of e-cigarettes varies from country to country. As mentioned above in the US the FDA is yet to give its endorsement.

electric_cigaretteProponents of the e-cigarette stand by their opinion that electronic cigarettes contain a mixture of water, alcohol,and nicotine and a few more chemicals. Put together this is no where near the 599 additives and 4000 chemicals toxins in smoldering conventional tobacco cigarettes.

It has been noted that the e-liquid used in the cigarettes that essentially contain the nicotine solution must be taken carefully. The e-liquid has great potential for nicotine poisoning if inappropriately used.

The other acknowledged advantage of the electronic cigarette is the relatively cheaper dollar cost of maintaining the addiction. Due to refills it is obviously cheaper to smoke e-cigarettes than conventional cigarettes. A refill cost on average is equivalent to an entire tobacco cigarette pack.

However, the argument that e-cigarettes are less harmful must be questioned. The fundamental point to always remember as you work on quitting smoking is that ALL nicotine is harmful. Anything and everything containing nicotine is harmful.

At the end of the day, the concern is on ever exposing your body to nicotine regardless of how much it is. Reducing the doses of nicotine through different stop smoking aids or nicotine replacement therapy aids is in the hope that sooner than later you will begin to chat a smoke free future.

Side effects

Frankly, the electric cigarettes concept remains shrouded in controversy. It so much appears that many governments have ruled against the use of the device.

While not ruling out the possibility of the product being a useful cessation aid, the World Health Organization (WHO) itself also refused to endorse e-cigarettes as a valid nicotine replacement therapy product. They insist on scientific tests and peer reviews to be done.

You may open in a new window here WHO's news release on this issue.

The sticking point has remained on the safety of the product. However millions of product items have already been purchased by users. Clearly governments ill statements have not overly toppled public confidence in the product. Users are growing by the day. It seems they are repeat satisfied users too.

Due to the limited scientific study around this new device, there are few well known side effects to its use. Health advisory boards in some countries have cited possible nicotine poisoning and addiction.

The FDA in the US raised concerns over seemingly inconsistent amounts of nicotine delivered when a user draws on the device.

In New Zealand researchers dictated the presence of carcinogens in the devices only at less harmful levels. They deemed the product a "safe alternative to smoking"

If you are breastfeeding, pregnant or planning to get pregnant, the best advice I give on this site is to stay away from anything nicotine. The consequences can be dire. You may see this review article on electronic smoking.

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