Quitting chewing tobacco - tips and ideas...

On how to quit chewing tobacco.

Quitting chewing tobacco is hard. It is no different quitting from smoking tobacco because both products whether smokeless tobacco or smoking tobacco contain one common ingredient - nicotine.

It is actually easier for someone who smokes tobacco or chewing tobacco by itself to quit than an individual who takes both. It has been shown that an individual who uses both methods to administer tobacco finds it more difficult to quit than a person who has been using one single method.

The effects of chewing tobacco are frightening and dictates that quitting chewing tobacco be seriously considered.

Just as the approach used in smoking tobacco, you may quit chewing tobacco by using the various available stop smoking products. Others prefer to use herbal methods to quit chewing tobacco. Which ever method you find best, there are withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting chewing tobacco. These maybe similar to smoking tobacco withdrawal symptoms because in both cases your body will be protesting the suddenly missing nicotine.

As you quit chew, go for a doctors check to ensure that your mouth has no sores or openings that might be cancerous. As in any quitting program, the most important thing is that you must have made a decision to quit.

Stopping chewing tobacco is equally psychological. Will power is also required to work together with quitting programs.

Quitting programs such as the Committed Quitters Program offered free by Nicorette (GlaxoSmithKline) with the purchase of their nicotine gum accepts chewing tobacco patients. It is amazing that quitting smokers and smokeless tobacco users are called patients. This is the making of the United States's Food and Drug Administration (FDA). People addicted to nicotine are officially known as patients.


Apart from nicotine addiction, some people quitting chewing tobacco are also addicted to chewing. For this reason the quitting process must address this addiction by finding a substitute to chewing tobacco.Some use regular gum for a few weeks to wean off that chewing habit.

Chewers who are relatively young in chewing tobacco without prolonged addiction opt for cold turkey quitting. This way there is absolutely no outside induced help to quit such as pharmaceutical drugs or nicotine patches. Someone just decides to stop and that's all there is to it. They never chew again. Success rates are relatively lower for those who have been chewing longer. They would normally require a quitting program and some treatment.

Thousand of chewing tobacco users have also found the Mint Snuff Chew or Mint Snuff Pouches extremely effective. These are available to purchase online. These mint snuff products taste much better than tobacco and have been welcomed by many.

Mint Snuff suppliers encourage a simple two step program for quitting chewing tobacco.

Step 1 - Switch from smoking to smokeless tobacco (if you were also smoking)
Step 2 - Switch from smokeless tobacco to mint snuff pouches. Mint snuff pouches are favorites because they also freshen your breath in the process.


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