Herbal ways to stop smoking...what it is...facts and effects.

Herbal ways to stop smoking are available today in variety to those who wish to stop smoking this way. Herbal stop smoking aids are herbal formulas that to a very large degree in every way possible attempt to maintain the natural state of the medicine right up to packaging.

This ensures you take in the nearest to the natural without addition of further toxins and harmful chemicals. In fact most herbal ways to stop smoking aim to do three things. Flash out toxins at the same time repairing your body to its natural state as well as effectively dealing with symptoms that you will experience on nicotine withdrawal.

Herbal formulas have a holistic approach to your quitting. They help you quit yet holistically repairing your body.

Herbal remedies contain no nicotine. This is why they score highly amongst naturally quitting smokers. Their growing popularity can easily be explained. With strong statistical backing I am sure not off track to conclude that you are reading about quitting the herbal way because you care about your health (or at least someone else's health).

People mostly choose to quit because of a deep concern about own health. A desire to cleanse own system of harmful toxins.


St. John’s Wort

It is hard to talk about herbal ways to stop smoking without talking about St John's wort.

St John's WortOne of the most sought after amongst the herbal ways to stop smoking remedies is St John's wort. A plant species called Hypericum perforatum also known as Tipton's weed. St John's wort is commonly known as a herbal solution to depression. It is considered an effective antidepressant with way fewer side effects than the conventional antidepressants.

St John's Wort specifically supports your nervous system and helps you to maintain balanced serotonin levels in the brain until you have quit smoking. So you know; serotonin is involved in the regulation of your mood, your appetite and your sleep amongst other things. All these areas of your body as you know are affected by smoking. This is how St John's wort helps to restore them.

You have a choice to administer St John's Wort herbal remedy as a stand alone extract or as part on an ingredient in another herbal formula. It's really up to you and what you are after and what you prefer. You will need to select the best for you amongst herbal ways to stop smoking some of which are as follows;


St.John’s Wort Extract

St John's Wort This is the St John's Wort (Standardized) Extract. By taking this you take the herb extract itself. It is packaged in capsules which you have to take with food three times daily. Presumably your breakfast, your lunch and your dinner. You must use it continuously in order to realize best results.

Keep in mind that St John's Warts in the extract deals with your brain whilst you are quitting smoking. Looking after the health of your your brain after years of nicotine battering.

Rx-Hale - supports brain and nervous system while quitting

Rx-Hale herbalRx-Hale is amongst other herbal ways to stop smoking used by people from various backgrounds and locations all across the world. Rx-Hale is actually a trade mark of Native Remedies a company specializing in different herbal products for different ailments over and above quitting smoking.

Rx-Hale contains three main herbal ingredients namely St John's Wort, Scullcap - which soothes the body and chromium picolinate - which supports balanced sugar levels. One important thing for you to note is that chromium picolate contains a naturally occurring mineral which discourages weight gain that most people who quit smoking do fear. So if gaining weight is also your concern as you quit, RX-Hale is a worthwhile consideration.

This indeed makes it more superior than the St John's extract above.


You start taking Rx-Hale at the rate of two tablets per day - one in the morning and one at night- three to four weeks ahead of your quit date.

As your quit date comes and passes, you will continue taking the tablets at the same rate for the following 6 months.

Vegetarians and vegans alike find RX-Hale herbal quit smoking remedy attractive because it contains no animal products. It also has no artificial colors, flavors, gluten or preservatives. This herbal quit smoking product will support your nervous system in preparation for quitting.

It will also maintain your serotonin (which I talked about above) in a healthy balance. Your blood sugar levels will also be positively catered for including a boost to the functioning of your immune system.

Rx-Hale has no known side effects. This is because it's a herbal formula. However, a lack of side effects does not mean the same thing as overdose. When used within the set instructions, you should not suffer from any side effects.

Reactions during breastfeeding or pregnancy are yet to be established. To be safe there is another product by the same herbalists that is known to be safe for breastfeeding and pregnancy called Triple Complex NicoTonic.

There are yet other more herbal ways to stop smoking.


The Quick Easy- Smoking Cessation Herbal Treatment

This is a particularly interesting herbal quit smoking aid. It consists of some herbal drops that you drop on the filter tip of the cigarette before smoking. The herbal formula then alters the nicotine in the cigarette by disintegration and also suppresses the smell of the cigarette.

Over a period of one month the herb helps relieve your dependency on cigarettes. The herbal drops are available at various online shops.

The CigArrest homeopathic formula Contains a combination of herbs and has absolutely no nicotine and is not addictive. It has been on sale to quitting smokers for over 20 years

Homeopathic SMOKE DETER Formula Judging by its ingredients, a robust herbal formula which is able to help you control weight gain.

Smokerx: Natural Formulas for Nutritional and Aromatherapy Support- A nicotine free natural formula which has helped smokers with as many as 42 years of smoking quit smoking. in addition to controlling cravings this herbal supplement flashes out toxins from your body


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