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Interesting facts about smoking

Interesting facts about smoking

Interesting facts about cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and more

Interesting facts about smoking reveal some amusing and perplexing truths about smoking. They do not necessarily cover all the facts about smoking which you can find on their respective pages on this site. I just pulled together the most interesting ones here. second hand smoking facts smokeless tobacco facts chewing tobacco facts

Interesting facts about smoking: Statistics

  • 11.4% of all mothers in the US smoked in 2002.
  • Mothers who smoke at least 10 cigarettes a day double the susceptibility of their infants to developing asthma
  • Many of the 599 additives in cigarettes have been approved as food additives. They only become dangerous when ignited and burn when smoking.
  • A questionable economic boost strategy in China ordered civil servants to smoke collectively 230 000 packets of locally manufactured cigarettes each year. Those failing to meet the target would be fined.
  • China has 350 million smokers three times the number of smokers in the USA.
  • Chinese smokers combined smoke 2 trillion cigarettes per year amounting to 2.4 trillion mg of nicotine.
  • A cup of coffee of the controversial caffeine and blood pressure has 1000 chemicals. A cigarette produces over 4000 chemicals when burning.

Interesting facts about smoking: General

  • Smokeless tobacco is a terrible cause of bad breath in smokers. It’s perhaps so bad a fire ball would ignite if a match was struck near the mouth.
  • Infants whose mothers smoked while pregnant have weaker lungs than other babies.
  • Abandoned smoldering cigarettes played a role in wild fires in California and Australia.
  • Vehicles exhaust fumes are rejects of combustion. Smoke in cigarettes is a sought after cigarette combustion product.
  • Nicotine is produced by tobacco plants to protect themselves against grazing animals. It’s a mechanism for survival come smokers pleasure in the food chain.
  • Cigarettes labels “light” or “sweetened” do not have any less nicotine.
  • More women are getting to smoke than 20 years ago.
  • An estimated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts is discarded becoming an environmental hazard each year worldwide.
  • The green revolution has added momentum to quit smoking pressure.