Second hand smoking facts

Statistics, deaths and effects of second hand smoking

Second hand smoking facts reveal some truths and fascinating dimensions to second hand smoking.They reveal the deaths and statistics of second hand smoking.

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Second hand smoking facts: Statistics

Oral cancer

  • 50000 deaths in the Unites States every year are caused by second hand smoking.
  • 3400 deaths in lung cancer are related to second hand smoke.
  • 150 000 to 300 000 lower respiratory tract infections in children is caused by second hand smoke.
  • 430 sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) cases are attributable to second hand smoke
  • Exposure to second hand smoke has has been blamed for 790 000 doctor visits per year in the USA.
  • Second hand smoke has the effects of worsening symptoms in 400 000 to 1 million kids.
  • In the US alone 21 million kids live in homes where visitors of parents or siblings smoke on a regular basis.
  • Between 50 to 75% of children in America have measurable levels of cotinine in the blood. Cotinine is a metabolite of nicotine.
  • Restaurants and bars have up to 5 times higher second hand levels than residences with smokers.
  • 23 States in America have enacted laws banning public place smoking. These include Arizona, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Oregon and New Jersey and Washington.

Second hand smoking facts: General

  • Second hand smoke is also known as environmental tobacco smoke.
  • It lingers in the air for hours after the last cigarette
  • Risk free exposure to second hand smoke does not exist.
  • Limited or short exposures to second hand smoke increases risk of heart attack by compromising coronary flow speed.
  • Second hand smoke has been accepted in the medical field as a known cause of cancer in humans.
  • Amongst hundreds of toxins in second hand smoke is benzene, vinyl chloride, arsenic amonia and hydrogen cynade.
  • People who quit smoking show increased workplace productivity and less absenteeism than current smokers
  • Second hand smoke my cause buildup of fluid in middle ear resulting in costly medical attention.
  • Philip Morris a tobacco company did a research in the 80s which showed that second hand smoke was highly toxic and suppressed it for 20 years.
  • Babies who are exposed to second hand smoke after birth have weaker lungs than other babies. This is the same for babies whose mother smoke while pregnant.
  • 30 minutes of exposure to second hand smoke is enough to cause cell damage.


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