"Sure You Can Quit Smoking" Stop Smoking Tips & Dangers Of Smoking Explored

Stop Smoking Products

Stop Smoking Products

Nicotine Patches, Nicotine Gum, Lozenges, Nasal Spray and More

Stop smoking products are can be an irreplaceable and important part of your quit smoking process. They clearly boost your chances of quitting smoking for good. Millions of people in the United States and other countries anually rely on smoking cessation products to stop smoking. There are a variety of these products that are available on the market today.

In the United States stop smoking products are government regulated through the FDA. This is very important as these products can easily cause more harm than good when misused or poorly manufactured. This makes it imperative for individuals planning to use quit smoking products in their tobacco cessation to careful study in detail about these products.

This is also because in as much as these cessation aids are medically developed to assist you stop smoking, in the process they may actually be detrimental to your overall health through a plethora of side effects as well as addiction. Smoking cessation aids may also have certain medical contradictions with other treatment regimes quit smoking patients might be on.

There are essentially two broad categories that can help us understand quit smoking products. There are what are known as nicotine replacement products (also known as nicotine replacement therapy) as well as prescriptions medications. There are further sub-categories within the former group which are explained below. Of these two broad categories the most commonly used are nicotine replacement products.

Nicotine Replacement Products

As the name of these stop smoking products would suggest, smoking cessation aids are designed to wean a smoker off cigarettes over a certain period of time. These products contain nicotine albeit in lower doses thereby dealing with the cigarette cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms which can be severe. They do this without presenting the harmful substances found in tobacco.

The fact that these stop smoking products contain nicotine makes it very important for patients to follow instructions to the letter. There is an apparent danger to be addicted to certain stop smoking products particularly nicotine gum. Under nicotine replacement products there are sub-categories namely that of Over The Counter (OTC) smoking cessation products and Prescription Only quit smoking products.

Over The Counter (OTC)

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches do no require a doctor’s prescription and can be purchased in any pharmacy, discount and convenience stores over the counter. Common names on the market are Nictorol, Nicoderm, or Habitrol. They are stuck to your upper arm each day for a certain period of time. Due to their mechanism they are also known as transdermal nicotine patches. They allow nicotine to leave the patch into your bloodstream via your skin. Nicotine is a very strong drug which can penetrate the body via your skin.

Patients on this therapy might experience a burning sensation or itching on the part the patch is applied on the skin as a side effect.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum looks like regular chewing gum yet containing nicotine. This cessation product has the same effect of supplying the patient with controlled nicotine to help them quit smoking. Popular brands in the United States and Europe of this nicotine chewing gum include Nicorette chewing gum. Learn more about how nicotine gum works including PROS and CONS by going to this page on nicotine chewing gum.

Nicotine Lozenges

Also very effective and used by millions of patients each year, lozenges look similar to your regular medical tablet used for sore throat. They are an importat stop smoking product. Lozenges are dissolved slowly in the mouth. This way controlled nicotine is introduced into the bloodstream. This presents the same effect as gum and patches.

Nicotine lozenges may result in mild to severe side effects. Light side effects will include a tingling or sensation of warmth in the mouth. More severe symptoms that require immediate doctor attention will include severe sore throat, severe indigestion, irregular heart beat and allergies such as difficulty breathing and swelling of mouth, lips and tongue.

Individuals with heart disease and condition or with irregular heartbeat which is severe are not to use nicotine lozenges without consulting a doctor.

Prescription Only

Nicotine Nasal Spray

Even though placed under prescription only aids class, the nasal spray can also be purchased over the counter in some States and countries. It works by spraying a jet of pressurized air containing nicotine into your nostrils. Your nostrils are used as an effective means to introduce controlled amounts of nicotine into your system. This has the same effect of helping with the nicotine cravings and side effects assisting the smoker to quit smoking.

Due to their possible dangerous side effects nasal spray stop smoking products can be purchased only with a prescription from the doctor. This quit smoking aid has a list of side effects which can occur. Learn more about nicotine nasal spray including side effects by following link.

Nicotine Oral Inhaler

An important and effective quit smoking aid which is often accessible by prescription. This aid involves puffing some nicotine into your mouth time and again as frequently as every 20 minutes for a period of time. The purpose of this quit smoking product just like the others is to reduce your smoking urge and withdrawal symptoms by supplying controlled nicotine into the bloodstream through the mouth.

The benefits of stopping smoking are many. However before using these stopping aids check with your doctor if your are pregnant. These medications can be harmful just as smoking while pregnant.

It is expected that a smoker should have stopped smoking using this method within a period of 4 weeks. The oral inhaler also has certain precautions that must be observed before use. It can have some side effects and must be used with direction from your doctor. Learn more about nicotine oral inhalers including list of side effects by following link.

Prescription Medications

Apart from nicotine replacement products discussed above, some individuals elect to quit smoking using prescription drugs. By design these drugs contain no nicotine. They are icotine free. This could be the reason why a significant number of people prefer to use prescription drugs as they allow the patient to continue smoking for some weeks before quitting even after drug taking has started.

Examples of these pharmaceutical drugs include Zyban which was the first nicotine-free drug to be approved by the FDA in 1997 and Chantix. The active ingredient in Zyban is known as bupropion and in Chantix varenicline tartrate. In as much as these drugs can be appealing they can have dangerous side effects which include suicide, strange dreams and serious psychological effects.

Bupropion side effects

  • Agitation
  • Weight loss
  • Dry mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Confusion
  • Hostility
  • Indigestion
  • Menstrual problems
  • Fainting

The side effects for Zyban listed above are not all there is. You may follow preceeding link to find out more about these side effects. Learn more about Chantix side effects by following link. Side effecst can also be severe if the dosage is wrong. Chantix dosage should be followed with precision.

Studies have shown that for stop smoking products to be effective, they must be accompanied by a concise stop smoking program which patients can follow. Such a program has been shown to double success rates.

Quit smoking programs involve behavioral change and helping the patient manage apparent changes that accompany smoking cessation. They are often offered for free at community and State levels. Outside of the United States most governments around the world also spend a lot of money in providing free quit smoking programs.

There are other products that have been developed to help smokers quit smoking. Not all of them have been a success nor received solid approval from the FDA. Stop smoking products that have had problems include e-cigarettes, and nicotine water. The nicotine vaccine, NicVax is still on the way. Other people also opt to use laser therapy to quit smoking.