"Sure You Can Quit Smoking" Stop Smoking Tips & Dangers Of Smoking Explored

Smoking Causes… Why do people smoke?

Smoking Causes… Why do people smoke?

In terms of disease smoking causes cancer, lung cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, hair loss and many other effects

The question on causes people to smoke is an interesting one yet hardly really asked. How do people get to smoke. What causes smoking?

You may see more of the consequences of smoking under dangers of smoking. These smoking dangers show how smoking causes causes cervical cancer, lung cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease.

This article particularly focuses on what drives people rather than the diseases caused by smoking.

It’s just amazing how the media of today is convincingly part of the smoking causes. There is such an unbelievably tremendous trust in media opinions. Take this for a fact, big tobacco has more accurate data about who their target market is and its behavior. Product development work show that 60% of the market start to smoke before the age 13 and 90% before the age 20.

There are many ways that the tobacco industry would then use this data to reach a key lucrative market; teenage tobacco users. Unfortunately this market is often the most vulnerable members of our societies. Skillful cut throat marketers strategically enter into partnerships with movie producers. Just like Apple appears in a movie, cigarettes also appear in movies. This smoking list of actors just shows how tobacco has found backing in the movie industry.

Brutal tobacco marketers further use this data to develop irresistibly attractive smoking ads giving the impression there is nothing as pleasurable as smoking in the world. They also paint on billboards and TV ads a picture of masculinity and femininity, rebellion, freedom and adventure through cigarettes.

Your guess is as good as mine what effect this will have on a young person who had never dared think of smoking before.Debate is gathering momentum around the effects of repeatedly watching people smoking in movies especially for the younger people. It seems smoking causes also emanate from movies. There is some strong evidence between smoking movie stars and teens starting to smoke.

There is a full page on this site with an actor smoking list. There you will find that most of the people that our teens see as heroes in movies actually smoke. Well, at least in the movies they appear in.

On the other hand for those who are trying to quit, seeing smoking people in movies has been shown to increase the urge to smoke again. This is a credible slip or relapse trigger in people who are seriously trying to stop smoking.

In as much as you have external factors driving people to smoke there are also internal smoking causes. This happens in the mind of the individual. A fierce psychological battle to find a way of escape from home abuse, feelings of self inadequacy and inferiority.

All in all the actual smoking motivating factors are complex. Nicotine in tobacco is highly addictive. Smoking causes such as boredom, cigarette advertising and peer pressure doesn’t necessarily need to be sustained. It’s like a push cart.

All it needs is a reason for the wheels to start turning which is your push and the rest is up to the slope. Nicotine the slippery slope drives the whole process not so long after the push.

Other smoking push factors includes peer pressure, stress, experimentation, and a deep desire to boost one’s self image.

Stress relief as a reason for smoking is particularly interesting. This is a very powerful factor indeed especially in teens and college and university students. Exam time often gives birth to life-time smokers. There is a general belief that smoking increases concentration and relives pressure. This is a perception stuck in the minds of many and is used many a times to escape.

Then there is the Wet paint theory of smoking causes. People love to experiment with wet paint. They want to still touch even where there is a big sign saying don’t touch. You and I naturally want to know more about that which we have been told to not know more about.

The thinking is I will wash it off. So people want to touch cigarettes and hope they will quit at anytime or they will recover from it’s effects.

Unfortunately, it is only realized too late that cigarette smoking is not wet paint. You can’t rush to the tape and wash it off just like that. It’s an all-out battle to wash it out. In battle there is no guarantee you will come out with all your members. Don’t touch wet paint.