"Sure You Can Quit Smoking" Stop Smoking Tips & Dangers Of Smoking Explored

Best way to stop smoking… Find your place through the experiences of others.

Best way to stop smoking… Find your place through the experiences of others.

Covering methods to quit smoking and withdrawal symptoms of stop smoking pills

What is the best way to stop smoking is a frequently asked question were ever there is serious consideration to quit. It is a very good question because not all methods to quit smoking are created equal. A lot lays in the quit smoking aids. There is perhaps one best way to stop smoking that might just be for you.

The truth be told each quitting individual possesses an experience which is either a good one, bad one or mixed. These individual experiences are wide and varying yet in the differences a patten emerges. It is this patten that is key in pointing us to the best way to quit. Perhaps it might not be the best way per se but rather the most appropriate way under your individual circumstances.

You might also find it useful to have a glimpse at the stop smoking tips as they will usefully inform your chosen method to quit smoking.

In looking for the best way to stop smoking, you will need to consider a number of factors which are critical to your final decision. Essentially when grouped together you have three possible ways to stop smoking. Out of the three hopefully you will be able to settle for your own best way.

The three options to quitting summarized are;

  • Nicotine replacement Therapy (NRT)– for example;
  • Nicotine Nasal Sprays
  • Nicotine Patches
  • Nicotine Gum
  • E-Cigarette
  • Natural Way to stop smoking– for example;
  • Herbs
  • Cold turkey
  • Hypnosis
  • Acupuncture
  • Prescription Medical drugs & Laser Treatment – for example;
  • Chantix
  • Champix
  • Laser treatment
  • Nicotine vaccine (not yet available)

Most of these methods are covered in detail on the stop smoking products page

Factors to consider in choosing the best way

In the quitting circles there is a period of time called the hell week. It is basically the first five to seven days of your quitting. It is a very challenging and painful period (hence the name) of time were all hell breaks loose. Thoughts of returning to the old ways raise up strong (junkie thinking). The symptoms of your quitting manifest themselves sometimes fiercely. Yet this is the most reward time of your journey. You assert yourself to quit smoking.

This period of time has to be well planned and handled as it often results in smoking slips and smoking relapses. In that light which ever way you will finally consider your best way to stop smoking must adequately cover your back during this period. It must be able to handle the different withdrawal symptoms that will emerge. The symptoms might not all be addressed but at least you must feel confident to go through it.

If I may ask. Are you already tired of toxins and chemicals in your body? Your best way to stop smoking will probably lay in methods like herbal treatments as compared to Chantix and Zyban quit smoking drugs.

Herbal treatments approach things naturally and work by flashing out all toxins from your body (detox). At the same time they also repair all body systems and functions whilst taking care of nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, stress and so on. Herbal remedies have also proved handy in lung cleansing after years of cigarette smoking.

Quit smoking pills such as Chantix and Champix whilst they have worked and continue to work for others; will not work for a person looking for a detox .They themselves induce more chemicals and toxins into your system. The ingredient composition alone of Chantix might be frightening to a person who is trying to get rid of body toxins from years of smoking.

These prescription quit smoking drugs are meant to help you quit and thereafter your body will detox when you become completely smoke-free.

Some consider the best way to quit smoking in light of own pre-existing conditions. If you have a heart condition or pregnancy, for example, NRTs such as nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum will certainly work against your condition. NRTs contain nicotine even though in lower levels. Nicotine facts show increased heart rate which can worsen heart conditions to the extent of leading to a heart attack. For pregnant women, there are no conclusive studies on the effects. The general advise is to stay away from NRTs.

In such circumstances it would be prudent to contact your doctor or go for other methods to quit smoking such as herbal treatment and cold turkey. Cost is another factor to be considered. Prescription medication can be significantly costly as compared to herbal treatment, nicotine patches and nicotine gum. For instance a six months Chantix starter pack will cost you nearly $600.00 in the United States.

Cold turkey is a favorite and best way to stop smoking approach for some. Even though it is a favorite for them it might not turn out to be your favorite too. Cold turkey essentially involves quitting abruptly without the help of any medication whatsoever. Imagine just waking-up one day and throwing all your cigarettes away. No more smoking. It’s over.

The emerging pattern from cold turkey approaches have been mixed. Generally speaking people who go cold turkey have a greater probability of slipping or relapsing altogether. This is essentially because of the sudden shock to your body which might cause a fierce backlash from a body used to daily consistent nicotine doses. The end result is just one cigarette, then two and three. Total relapse follows swiftly.

Cold turkey is however one of the healthiest methods to quit smoking.

Some medication like Nicorette an NRT in the form of nicotine gum come with a free online program offered by the company. In fact it works best with this particular program because quit smoking programs have been shown to increase success rates. Such medication hold a clear advantage over others and that’s also an important factor to take into account.

The following is a summary of factors to consider as you pick your best way to stop smoking;

  • Treatment side effects
  • Your personal budget
  • Your doctor’s recommendation
  • Your hell week strategy
  • The available quit smoking program
  • Your quit date
  • Pre-existing conditions such as pregnancy and heart disease