"Sure You Can Quit Smoking" Stop Smoking Tips & Dangers Of Smoking Explored

Quit smoking programs

Quit smoking programs

Including quit smoking programs that are for free and those available online.
Stop smoking programs are essential to your smoke-free success. An estimated 95 percent of those who start without a program fail or eventually fail. The reason is simple. Quitting smoking is tough.

Quit smoking programs… Exceed the 95% that fail without a program.

Most people attempting to quit smoking tobacco repeat the attempt for up eleven times before completely walking away smoke-free. Smoking relapses are common and part of the stopping smoking journey. Stop smoking programs were created to attempt a reduction in failure rates. They also help in making the process less painful by giving focus to an individual. In fact quit smoking programs have been shown to double the success rate of stopping smoking.

In simple terms a quit smoking program comprises of a plan or road map to your smoke free new life. It is a series of organized steps that you must follow in order for you to accomplish your stop smoking goal.

Most quitting plans are often tailor made to suit individual requirements and circumstances.

These stop smoking plans vary in type and approach but the goal is the same. They also include offline and online, paid and free programs. Most free quitting programs are provided by quit smoking products manufacturers such as Pfizer’s Nicorete which runs the Committed Quitters program. By purchasing Nicorete you will automatically qualify for their program.

Follow the link to read more on the free Committed Quitters Program.

There are also other stop smoking programs similar to the Committed Quitters Program above. The Smoke Away Stop Smoking Support Program is sponsored by the manufacturers of 7 Day Smoke Away. The program is a product accompanying program. They also have an online forum.

There are many other stop smoking programs available offline. Many of which are funded by governments and non-profit organizations. They are also often for free. The limitation with these programs is that they are geographically located and often require that participants live within a particular region. These may not be useful if you are looking for general programs applicable to anyone interested. However there might be a program in your region.

The importance of stop smoking programs cannot be underestimated. Experts agree that stop smoking programs produce way better results in patients attempting to quit smoking than those who do so without. The fact that smoking programs brings those trying to quit into a tailor made process that recognizes their individual concerns and weaknesses which might become trigger points is important.

Smoking programs appear to give additional reassuring support beyond that which comes from an individual’s own will power which sometimes can grow weak should there be non to communicate such as with a trained person in the area of quitting smoking.

Quitting smoking is admittedly hard yet it can be done. Studies show that following a stop smoking program and using stop smoking aids doubles success rates in most people. If you are deciding on stopping smoking you will require adequate information as well as good tools to help you succeed. Whilst we understand that not all tools are meant for everyone we found this LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer handy. It works like a quit smoking program which alters your smoking routine easing you off cigarettes gradually. Please take your time to check if this is for you.

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