Smoking Tobacco Losing Ground to Smokeless Tobacco

by Ralf Elgrant

Smoking tobacco could be going out of fashion. Since the 1960s to now there has been a 40% drop in the number of people smoking cigarettes. Globally even as the number is falling it is in fact raising in developing countries such as China, Africa and other parts of Asia.

Smoking tobacco refers to tobacco which is consumed via combustion such as cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Tobacco leaves have to be burnt in order to produce smoke containing nicotine.

In the western world people have since become more alive to smoking risks. The dangers of smoking have driven governments to enactsmoking legislation protecting the public from passive smoking.

The banning of smoking in public places has placed a greater burden on people who already smoke. There are now less places to smoke in. For this reason, smoking tobacco is no longer as attractive as it used to be.

Even tobacco companies themselves seem to be slowly losing confidence in the future of the industry in America and Europe. An American tobacco company recently purchased a Swedish based stop smoking product company. A signal to many that cigarette smoking is going out of fashion.

Enter Smokeless Tobacco

It is clear that the message has been driven home in developed countries that smoking cigarettes is deadly. Many smoking people are making attempts to switch from cigarettes to smokeless tobacco.

Smokeless tobacco is tobacco that does not need any combustion. This will include chewing tobacco and snuff. Smokeless tobacco is becoming popular because it does not involve any emissions into the environment and can be applied at any place at any time.

Even in airports, in-flight, in public buildings and other public places smokeless tobacco can still be used.

In fact teen smokeless tobacco statistics show that teens are finding chewing tobacco very convenient. It is easier to conceal from parents and authorities than smoking cigarettes.

This however does not mean smokeless tobacco is harmless. Contrary to public perception, chewing tobacco still causes cancer of the mouth and even of the stomach. These chewing tobacco pictures are a clear yet dreadful testimony of the devastating outcomes of smokeless tobacco.

Many others use spit tobacco as it is also known in the mis-understanding that it is not addictive. However, what is addictive in tobacco is nicotine. It doesn't altogether matter if it is smoking tobacco or smokeless tobacco. In fact smokeless tobacco is even harder to quit for people who take both.

Clearly the forgoing will inform that the switch from smoking cigarettes to smokeless tobacco does absolutely nothing to reduce the health impact of tobacco on individuals, societies and communities. If anything it is deceptive and very costly.

New efforts are required to send the same massage about cigarettes concerning chewing tobacco and snuff. The misconception ought to be vigorously dispelled before entire generations are lost to smokeless tobacco.

It is a sure trend that smoking cigarettes is being out-doe by smokeless tobacco.

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