Smoking and heart disease number one killer in people who smoke in the US

Heart disease and cigarette smoking statistics and facts

Welcome to heart talk...smoking and heart disease information is vital for people who smoke to understand. Your heart is like an engine to a car. Everything is controlled at the engine. The car speed, the idling and so on.

Your heart is that important organ (your engine) that pumps blood. It sends life giving oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body.

Death follows swiftly should the heart become critically inefficient or stop working altogether. It shuts down vital organs like the kidneys and brain. Therefore life is utterly dependent on an efficiently functioning heart.

You may have come across the term cardiovascular disease or coronary heart disease. Simplified this means heart and blood vessel disease. There are divers kinds of heart disease. They affect the heart in many different ways. The ultimate trouble with any heart disease is in its ability to disrupt normal blood pumping and blood flow work of the heart. This relates to blood pressure.

The connection between smoking and heart disease has well been understood in societies worldwide for sometime now.

The link between smoking and cardiovascular disease is that smoking is the major cause of atherosclerosis. Simply put this is a progressive build up of fatty substances in the artery walls. The cigarette toxins are hard on the heart.

The normal lining of the artery deteriorates and the walls thicken and harden. It makes it easy for fat and plaque to block the flow of blood through these pipes.

There is smoking and heart disease that relates specifically to coronary artery disease. In this case the blood supplying arteries become severely narrowed.This obviously restricts the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart from the lungs.

Chest pains are normally felt when there is additional strain on the heart. A proper medical term for chest pain is angina pectoris. Other symptoms apart from chest pains might also occur.

There is yet another smoking and heart disease that should be considered. This is called peripheral artery disease. As the name explains, it occurs in relation to peripheral body parts or its effects are felt in the "peripheral" body parts.

In this case atherosclerosis (fatty blockades) affect the arteries that carry blood to the limbs i.e legs and arms. These fatty blockades are made up of cholesterol,cellular waste, calcium and other substances.

People who smoke might experience painful leg muscle cramps when in movement. This particular disease heightens the risk of stroke.

Tobacco smoking has been held responsible for sudden and sometimes unexpected cardiac death of all types in both men and women. Despite discussion and even confidence by some in some sections in low tar or low nicotine cigarettes; these have little or no effect on reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

It is indeed sad news that cigarette smoking is directly associated with up to 30% of deaths in the United States every year due to heart disease. This figure is even higher globally.

Consider these smoking and heart disease statistics. In 2000, worldwide, there were over one and half million premature deaths from cardiovascular disease among people who smoke.In fact heart disease is the most common cause of death amongst smokers.

In summary this is what can be expected from smoking and heart disease;

  • Reduced oxygen to the heart and general body tissues
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Damage to coronary arteries and general blood vessels
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Increased tendency for blood clotting
  • Heightened risk of recurrent coronary disease after bypass surgery

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