How to Give Up Smoking With Best Results

by Jay Israel

How to give up smoking is a good question. How to stop smoking with best results is even a better question to address. For most people who smoke, smoking cessation is a frequent thought. In fact well known research shows that up to 70% of people who currently smoke think about quitting. Many of course never get to quit because stopping smoking is hard even though they might be well aware of the dangers of smoking.

To really understand how hard giving up smoking is you need to understand nicotine action on the brain. The most important ingredient in trying to end smoking for good is personal will power made of steel. Many people try to quit smoking for many other reasons other than their own.

For example people give up smoking on the basis of a new year's resolution, a partner's birthday present and so on. All these approaches though appealing never really get anywhere. Smoking relapse is always almost iminent because the bed-rock to success - will power - will be missing.

After satisfying yourself that you have the will power to quit smoking, there are basic steps to quit smoking that must be taken. These can be as follows;

  • Set a quitting date in the future for example a month or weeks ahead.
  • Depending on which stop smoking products you are using if any, you may be required to start using the medication ahead of quitting. This is common with the Chantix dosage.
  • Get rid of all smoking related items like ash trays, extra stocks of cigarettes etc
  • Read a little bit about smoking relapses and why they occur.
  • Find a quit smoking program or join any reputable forum online for support. Tell family and friends.

How to give up smoking should not be a diffucult question to answer if these basic measures are undertaken. For best results, quit smoking programs have been found to be effective. It is therefore best to sign-up for a program which will guide you all the way.

One thing to keep in mind is that smoking relapses may occur on your journey. These are really normal and most people relapse even up to 10 times before finally walking away smoke free. Should you relapse, revisit your initial reasons for quitting and reaffirm yourself to move forward.

One great outcome to your advantage of a smoking relapse is an opportunity to know your triggers. For instance some people get strong urges to smoke again simply by seeing another person holding a cigarette or when they pass by a place they used to sit and enjoy a smoke. All these are triggers that you must be aware of in your own circumstances and get to know how best to deal with them.

In the following few hours to a week of quitting, you must be prepared for mild to severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms. All this is part of knowing how to stop smoking by mastering these stop smoking tips. By knowing how to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms you will be better able to successfully quit smoking.

As to how best to give up smoking in terms of the method, many people have varying results and outcomes. Some find drugs like Chantix effective. Others find nicotine replacement products like nicotine chewing gum even better. Yet others still prefer to natural ways to quit smoking using herbal stop smoking aids.

At the end of the day its really up to an individual what is the best way to stop smoking.

The forgoing illustrates how to give up smoking with best results.

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