Varying effects of smoking weed...Some facts

I find it necessary to discuss the effects of smoking weed here because most people (especially teenage tobacco users) who already smoke cigarettes invariably end up experimenting or permanently smoking weed (well until they are hit hard by its effects).

The conventional name for weed is Marijuana. Marijuana is in actual fact derived from cannabis. It is the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. The full name for cannabis the plant is cannabis sativa. It contains a chemical called THC (Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). I will come back to THC a few lines from now. I will then present a summary in point form of the effects of smoking weed.

teenager smoking weedMarijuana which is weed in common language is illegal in many parts of the world including the United States due to its effects on the human body especially the mind. It's however perfectly legal to use in The Netherlands in Europe. Elsewhere, it is often legalized for medical purposes only in the hands of highly trained medical professionals.

Weed is often smoked in the form of a rolled cigarette. Those who use it also eat it combined with food for instance. It is sometimes baked in bakery products. To avoid confusion, it is best to know weed by its other names that is pot,spliff,daka,ganga,hooch,buds,hemp,grass and dope.

In arriving at the effects of smoking weed I will now talk a little about THC. THC is its key ingredient and largely the reason why the medical field has found interest in weed. It is a drug that plays up with the mind and has effects on mood and feelings.

In Jamaica, weed raised a lot of interest when pharmacology researchers created a drug in 1983, Canasol, from raw ganja to treat glaucoma and other disorders. The drug did not have the same side effects as others that had also been tried. However, this does not mean the same for those who take weed the way we are talking about here.

Glaucoma refers to a group of eye diseases that progressively cause blindness without much warning to the victim. It is interesting to know how the researchers above came to develop the so called ganja medicine. They had heard from local fisherman that ganja improved their vision at night.

The following is how cannabis work and the effects of smoking weed thereof. When smoked in cigarette form or pipe it is swiftly absorbed into the blood stream through the lungs. It's level in the blood stream peaks at about 30 minutes later.

It is rapidly stored in fat cells in the body because it is fat soluble. Slowly THC is then emitted back to the blood stream. THC stays for a long time in a person's body. Even up to several months. This is how its effects last for a long while.

What needs to be mentioned here is that the effects of smoking weed seem to vary from person to person. Different people have reported individual and different effects.Some have smoked it for many years with little or no effects.Yet some have hardly lasted on it. Terrible effects quickly stepped in.

Effects of smoking pot must be considered in the light of the following variables;

  • Amount taken
  • Form in which it is taken
  • How it is taken
  • Its concentration
  • Are there any other drugs involved
  • Mental health of user
  • User experience

Short term effects of smoking weed.

The user feels stimulated. Feeling happy, high or loose. The depressant in the plant causes brain-slowing. Things move slowly, colors look brighter.

Physical increase in pulse rate between 20 and 50 per cent faster than normal.Eyes look as though they will poop out blood red.

Bigger doses causes confusion, paranoia,panic attacks,feeling of unreality - fallacy and hallucinations

Short term memory is unplugged. People fail to remember yesterday's or last week's activities. Solving complex tasks become an uphill task.

Long term effects of smoking weed.

Cannabis dependency (addiction)

Heavy use in man can lower sperm count and cause irregular monthly cycles in women. Improvement is realized when usage stops.

Heightened risk of developing chronic bronchitis. possibly lung cancer.

Heavy use increases learning curve as a result of memory problems and difficulties with thinking.

As it increases heart rate, it is a real danger to people with a pre-existing heart condition

It's important to note that the effects of smoking weed are detrimental to the overall psychological make-up of an individual in the long run.

Some even end up in psychiatric care. The best thing to do, just like tobacco smoking, is to consider stopping. In fact, when a person quits most of the above effects dramatically disappear.

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