"Sure You Can Quit Smoking" Stop Smoking Tips & Dangers Of Smoking Explored

More advantages of quitting smoking enjoyed by ex-smokers

More advantages of quitting smoking enjoyed by ex-smokers

The advantages of quitting smoking are too numerous to mention. They are two fold. To the person who used to smoke. Secondly to all those who are around him or her and come into contact with him or her.

The good news to everyone is that people do quit smoking each and everyday. In 2002 there were 46 million former smokers in the US. More former smokers than existing smokers.

The advantages of quitting smoking are not only limited to health. They also extend to socio-economic setting of ex-smokers.

I propose to give an overview of the benefits of quitting smoking from a socio-economic perspective. I will then give a clear concise time bound stage by stage breakdown of the recovery process in a summarized version. This will be in a few paragraphs down.

Consider this, just by quitting smoking people who smoke tobacco will immediately plug a US$1600.00 notorious hole in their pocket. The cost of smoking is high. This is a significant smoking cessation benefit. In fact pack-a-day smokers spend up to $4.50 per pack. Enough to pick a meaningful amount of home supplies every week.

On quitting former smokers create a smoke-free home environment. This eliminates all the dangers of secondhand smoke and thirdhand smoke. Secondhand smoke and thirdhand smoke are harmful to the rest of the family especially children judging by the growing number of teenage tobacco use.

One thing that ex-smokers with children might not consider as they quit is that they would have taught their children by example.Something that is desperately needed in our teen population today.

This creates a happier and merrier and certainly healthy environment for your spouse and children.Homes of smokers carry an unpleasant odor for those who visit and are used to a different environment. When you quit smoking your home will smell much better.

Less time, energy and money will be spent cleaning curtains, carpets, walls, windows and mirrors around the home. Depending on your arrangement,insurance cost may decrease. A clear benefit of quitting smoking.

Most interesting is that former smokers will once again enjoy one of the best goodies of life. Food and drink. In this regard the advantages of quitting smoking are that your food will smell and taste better.

There is yet another amongst the advantages of quitting smoking that must not be overlooked. Social relations that were once broken have a chance for repair.

When some people start smoking, they go against the wishes of family and friends. Forging ahead they painfully alienate themselves. This often happens in relationship partners as well as teens and their parents.

Below is a time bound summary indicating the advantages of quitting from a few minutes after quitting up to 15 solid years later;

Changes within minutes to months

  • At over 20 minutes

You can’t be held responsible for polluting the air.
Hands and feet temperature raises.
Your pulse rate and blood pressure decreases

  • At over 8 hours

Oxygen levels in your blood positively increase.
Excess carbon monoxide exists and your carbon monoxide in the blood returns to normal.

  • At over 24 hours

Risk of heart attack decreases. You are getting out of the danger zone.

  • At over 48 hours

You begin to enjoy real food taste as your taste and smell ability returns.
Nicotine is no-longer in your body.Nerve endings adjust.

  • At over 2 weeks to 3 months

You can go about exercising. Your tolerance improves.
Blood circulation also improves.

  • At over 1 – 9 months

These annoying conditions decrease: coughing, fatigue, breathlessness and sinus congestion.
Overall levels of energy in the body increases.

From a year to over a decade

  • At over 1 year

You continue to get out of the danger zone as your risk of heart disease decreases to 50% that of someone who is still smoking.

  • At over 5 – 15 years

In terms of stroke risk you are just like someone who never smoked.

  • At over 10 years

In terms of lung cancer death risk you are just like someone who never smoked.

Incidence of other cancers — of the mouth, larynx, esophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas are reduced

  • At over 15 years

In terms of heart disease risk you are just like someone who never smoked.