gov. sucks

by susan magruder

Government got billions from tobacco companies. Have taken our rights to smoke from us yet won't cover smoking cessation meds or products to help us kick this addiction. Their so called government help programs take your whole life history and then give you a onetime, one month supply of patches, that they received billions for. We,the smokers should have received the money by way of available cessation meds and products. Billions for 28 patches? susan magruder,sam,

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Oct 24, 2014
Get Your Facts Straight NEW
by: Anonymous

Susan Magruder, depending on your state it is not a one-time program and the state programs are funded by the law suit win, however, the programs don't receive the amount of funding you believe they do. You should really research the amount of funding they get. They ask you questions about your smoking habits to better match you with the dosage of NRT they send out to you, if you're smoking 15 cigs a day a 7 mg patch isn't going to help you quit. They ask you demographic questions to better fund the program, meaning that if you fit a certain demographic and there are enough people in the area trying to quit, when they write grants for funding they may be able to help more people in your area.

Aug 19, 2014
How the state and medical companies are treating hard working people NEW
by: Anonymous

I am going to lose my job of 8years as a nurse because I it hasn't been a problem for 35 years......I have never left a patient without coverage........there has never been an incident. My "Hospice Company" has decided to bill themselves as NON-SMOKING to get more clients........wasn't a problem when I was hired or all these years...I've gotten no understanding...(as I have been trying to quit, down to one cigarette in a 13 hr.shift)no offer to help me buy patches, etc., counciling, nothing....except threats/promises to be fired. I only work 21hrs. a week. I've been a good employee all these years and all of a sudden I'm a "bad nurse". I've been trying to get free nicotine patches from the state of Florida...and I will get them in..... 2 weeks....a 2 week supply....that ought to do it.

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