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Smoking Laws – facts and effects.

Smoking Laws – facts and effects.

Smoking laws are now permanently in fashion as the anti-smoking and anti-tobacco momentum snowballs. Smoking laws are being enacted and enforced at a country level. They are guided by the general view of the World health Organisation (WHO) as it pertains to smoking dangers.

These smoking legislation are influencing public policy, criminal laws and occupational safety and health regulations in work places across the world.

Facts and Effects

The end result on people who currently smoke is apparent. Many are being driven into isolation and into becoming misfits yet others are taking the bold step to quit. Generally speaking the enactment and enforcement of smoking laws should move together with quit smoking programs in order for people who smoke not to be victimized. A skewed implementation and drive on anti-smoking will hurt those who are willing to quit but would otherwise do well with a little help.

Smoking legislation in different territories appears to be targeting the use of tobacco in certain public places. It is also after the sell of tobacco to particular individuals. A long time problem which has partly given thousands of teens a license to smoke on a daily basis.

If you smoke, smoking legislation is certainly closing in on your space. Things are different today as compared to fifteen or twenty years ago. Twenty to thirty years ago you could possibly fly across the Atlantic cigarette in hand willy-nilly at least in airplane restrooms. Today things have so radically changed. It’s even criminal to attempt to smoke mid-air.

That same trip has become a 10 hour gruesome adventure for many unless NRTs are used.

In fact success in lowering heart attacks in non-smoking people has amongst other such outcomes given a medical basis to the stop smoking campaigns. Smoking legislation have just become cherry on top of an already made cake. Governments and conscious communities are using smoking bans in restaurants, bars and workplaces as an effective way of protecting non-smokers from secondhand smoke.

One research which has become a reference point showed that heart attacks reduced by as much as 17% after a year of smoke-free laws in a community.

In the US alone such a decline would translate to 150 000 avoided heart attacks annually. It would also mean millions of dollars in saved money that would have otherwise been used on medical support and so on. Those who run for public office (some of whom smoke) are kin to show you how much they are saving on your behalf as a tax payer. The picture indeed becomes clearer why there is no going back.

General key contents of smoking laws

Smoking regulations are constructed around the same principles informed by known dangers of smoking. The actually contents and wording may vary from one country to the other. However the following is what to expect in each law;

  • Premise owners are obliged to display no-smoking signage in a prominent position
  • Specific words like “No smoking” or “Smoking is unlawful in this building” must be used in the signage
  • All public service facilities like transport are to display signage.
  • Severe penalties to follow offenders
  • Companies and organizations are to implement a smoke free policy with consultation with workforce prior to implementation
  • Implementation of vehicle signage
  • Where outdoor smoking areas exist cigarette bins to be installed
  • Tobacco advertising prohibition.
  • Prohibition of non-tobacco product advertising which is accompanied by people smoking (smoking dis-association of non-smoking products)

Indeed for many who are not yet quitting or thinking about quitting the world will continue to become a smaller place. Anti smoking legislation are also getting an energy jab from the green movement campaigners who have emerged in recent times. As we all know from experience when anything becomes small, take shoes for an example, it becomes extremely uncomfortable.

Quitting smoking is admittedly hard yet it can be done. Studies show that following a stop smoking program and using stop smoking aids doubles success rates in most people. If you are deciding on stopping smoking you will require adequate information as well as good tools to help you succeed. Whilst we understand that not all tools are meant for everyone we found this LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer handy. It works like a quit smoking program which alters your smoking routine easing you off cigarettes gradually. Please take your time to check if this is for you.