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Everyone has a passion… We have one to make a difference

Hey thank you for visiting our site.

This is a great opportunity for us to share our deep concern and wishes concerning humanity as it relates to tobacco usage.


Isn’t it really amazing how much as human beings we have such a great propensity to destroy ourselves. Our bodies have in-house mechanisms to rejuvenate themselves when treated with dignity. However, when we introduce foreign objects and concoctions into our bodies we confuse them.

In the end they get so confused they can’t even function. They simply give up even though they had planned for the long haul…. 80..90 years. They end up giving up too soon. Just doing the short haul.

We hope these pages will help somebody-somewhere-someone come back & give their bodies control once again. We hope too that in the future the hours that we have spent writing what we know will be rewarded.

We pledge is to keep writing if you in turn pledge to consider and apply whatever you can get from Quit-Smoking-Central.com

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