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Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Natural ways to quit smoking refers to means and methods currently known and available that can successfully help an individual stop smoking cigarettes. There are more people today who are searching for ways and means to quit cigarette smoking using natural means. One of the reasons is that stopping tobacco use naturally prevents further toxins and potentially harmful substances from being introduced into a system that is already overloaded with such.

Herbs, Fruits & Veggies, Cold Turkey & More

For example, stop smoking products such as nicotine chewing gum, nicotine lozenges, skin patches and nicotine nasal spray contain nicotine even though in controlled amounts. Nicotine chewing gum in particular has been known to lead to addiction is some individuals. This has been proven to be mostly a result of misuse of the quit smoking products leading to nicotine overdose or even nicotine poisoning. On the other hand, pharmaceutical drugs which represent another option such as Chantix have severe side effects which can even lead to suicide in some individuals.

Pre-existing conditions such as heart disease and diabetes also warrant a favourable consideration of natural ways to quit smoking. In fact almost all of the medications on the market today especially nicotine replacement therapy aids (NRTs), Chantix, Zyban and others are very strict on pre-existing conditions. Patients with pre-existing diseases are prevented from taking these medications due to drug interaction and side effects issues. This leaves very limited options making stopping smoking naturally the way to go.

The cost of many quit smoking drugs is a further cause for concern and often drives smokers to look for natural ways to quit smoking. A complete Chantix program may run into hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to complete, for example.

Certain natural ways to quit smoking have a unique advantage over many of the available methods to stop smoking. They tend to do more than just help a patient stop smoking. It’ s proven that they do restorative work to tissue. This particularly refers to herbs, fruits and vegetables. Herbs are known to detox the body and help with the healing and recovery process whilst at the same time dealing with often severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

7 Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Fruits and Vegetables

Studies carried out at Duke University in the United States have given very useful insight into the role of fruits and veggies in helping stopping cigarette smoking.

The study showed that certain fruits and vegetables caused deep disinterest in smoking. Of particular note are citrus fruits such as oranges. Oranges arrest smoking cravings which is an important step in reducing the desire to use cigarettes. In addition they also play a role of replenishing lost vitamin C. Smoking naturally destroys an individuals vitamin C “stockpile

Certain fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids. These are essentially natural chemicals which doctors at the University of California in Los Angeles in 2008 found to be important in preventing lung cancer development. The researchers noted that the flavanoids which are water soluble plant pigments effectively counteract damage to tissue. This means they help smokers who have quit smoking recover from the tissue damage caused by smoking. Natural ways to quit smoking involving fruits and vegetables will help amplify the benefits of quitting smoking.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are important in dealing with the risk of hypertension and heart disease. They are an important part of eating healthy.

Stopping Smoking Using Herbs

Stopping smoking using herbal medicine is considered natural because there are no pharmaceutical drugs involved. The use of herbal medicine to stop smoking is also on the rise due to the detox and natural healing benefits associated with this approach. Other benefits of herbs that are key to stopping smoking include their ability to significantly reduce anxiety, tension and a feeling of nervousness. This, researchers say, calms nerves and helps reduce cravings thereby removing the desire to smoke.

Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis

Dating back to the 1800s, hypnotism is an age old natural method used to cure an array of conditions and disease. It’s proponents and those who have had it applied on them claim unmatched success. Hypnotism seems to have become an increasingly handy method to help people who smoke quit smoking. Sessions to help the patient relax and erase some images about smoking are often done face to face with a certified professional hypnotherapist or through audio CDs and DVDs alone at home.

Cold Turkey

Cold turkey is also another of natural ways to quit smoking. This method is one of the hardest and often results in smoking relapse. In fact researchers say only 5% of all patients who attempt stopping cold turkey actually succeed. This represents only 5 people in every 100 who try this method. It is for this reason that cold turkey is generally not recommended nor considered an official method of stopping smoking. It relies heavily on the individual’s willpower and commitment as well as ability and capacity to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Follow link to read in detail about the cold turkey quit smoking method including the PROS and CONS.

Stop Smoking Acupuncture

Acupuncture is often considered amongst natural ways to quit smoking. It is not by any means a western concept. It has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine known as TCM. Unlike western medicines, the TCM approach blames nicotine withdrawal symptoms on the liver. Simplified, TCM contends that the lack of nicotine in the bloodstream lowers the energy in the liver which in turn triggers the symptoms that smokers suffer when they attempt to quit smoking. Through acupuncture sessions it is argued that the balance is returned to the liver thereby dealing with withdrawal symptoms and enabling the smoker to quit smoking.

There is currently no explanation in the context of western medicine for acupuncture as a treatment method. Western medicine places the problem of withdrawal symptoms in the brain were the brain is deprived of regular nicotine and triggers the nasty withdrawal symptoms. Western medicine emphasizes the relationship between nicotine and the brain.