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        KLD-O-S Online Oil Particle & Water Analyzer

        Product Type: KLD-O-S
        logo: Beijing Hangfeng
        Manufacturer: Beijing Hangfeng


        KLD-O series is an oil particle counter integrated with moisture sensor. It detects oil contamination as well as water content, relative humidity, temperature in fluid.

        KLD-O-S is applicable to aviation kerosene, mineral oil, synthetic oil, gear oil,etc. Oil includes hydraulic oil, lubricant, transformer oil (insulating oil), turbine oil, gear oil, engine oil, etc. It can be widely applied in the fields of aviation, electricity, petroleum, chemical engineering, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing, etc.


        1. High sensibility. Able to detect the particle as small as 1μm, and oil moisture.

        2. Multiple standards available. NAS 1638, ISO4406, GJB 420B and tailor-made.

        3. Efficient. Displayed data is to be updated every 45 sec.

        4. Durable. 24 hours continuous real-time monitoring of oil.status.Maintenance-free.

        5. Very small flow rate required. When working online, as little as 50 ml flow rate is adequate. Little influence on hydraulic or lubricant circuit.

        6. Optical fiber attached. Data can be transferred to a PC if needed.

        7. Able to display oil moisture in either RH or PPM (Selective by the operator)

        8. OLED screen to adjust lightness when environment changes.



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